Jul. 25, 2016

My Last Sunday: Sunday, July 24, 2016

Watching my new friends from Iowa leave yesterday was extremely difficult. And it’s really made me realize that I will be doing the same thing five days from now. It’s hard to believe my last week is already here. I have so many emotions running through my head about this whole excursion and how it’s coming to an end.

So last night I spent the night with Liliana Luna. She doesn’t know any English so we have to work to communicate, but it’s always worth the extra effort. First we went with Oscar, Lili’s boyfriend, and Alejandra, Lili’s sister, to a place similar to a mall in the States because Alejandra was looking for a new cellphone. But Lili and I went off shopping by ourselves. She wanted me to have something to remember her by, so we now have matching earrings and bracelets. And everywhere we walked people would stare and tell everyone within earshot that I was from the United States. I guess the pointing and staring is something I haven’t gotten used to.

After we returned to Lili’s house we practiced a song for church this morning. We planned to sing “Oceans” and Lili would sing in Spanish then I would sing in English, and I would play the keyboard. While singing together we were able to connect with one another more than we have in the past ten weeks. Isn’t it amazing how God can and will bring His children together to worship Him and to love Him with equal hearts and minds. This is just one example of how all things truly are possible through Christ.

After practicing we walked to a house where they were selling food. While outside there we saw some of the kids that were at VBS this last week. And they excitedly pointed me out to their mom saying that they knew me and that I spoke English. Maybe just the fact that I’m from the USA and speak English has been enough to impact some of these kids. I don’t know. Lili and her mom talked a lot, and I mostly had absolutely no idea what they were saying. But they ordered me a hamburger for dinner so that was nice.




This morning after breakfast, which was tortillas with some type of meat of course, Lili and I walked to the church. I was nervous about playing and singing so I hadn’t put much thought into the fact that this would be my last Sunday in Mexico. But Lili spoke a little bit then we sang and it was amazing to sing in the church one last time. Then just before Cesar began to preach he drew attention to the fact that this was the last time I would be at their church. So he wanted me to come up to the front of the church and they were all going to pray over me. Mark came up to the front also and led the prayer. I have absolutely no idea what Mark said when he prayed, but I was overcome with a feeling that I have felt before. This morning in front of a congregation of people that I barely know, and I can barely communicate with, I was overcome with the same love and support that I felt the night that the entire congregation of Tick Ridge gathered together to pray for me.

It’s not necessarily the people we’re with, or the places we’re in, but the presence of the Holy Spirit. And I can without a doubt say that the love of Jesus Christ is flowing through the people here just like I felt it through the people back home. God’s children are everywhere. God’s love truly knows no borders and that has been proven to me time and time again this summer.