Jul. 13, 2016

Papaw's Smile: Thursday, July 7, 2016

Yesterday I was only at school for a little while because it’s the last week so the kids get to leave early. But Abi gave me a balloon so that was neat. I am really going to miss these kids and leaving them won’t be fun.

In the evening I was finally able to talk with Gram and Papaw. It had been eight weeks since I last saw them. And whenever they were at my parents’ I couldn’t talk and when I could they weren’t there. But I was extremely excited to talk to them again. Papaw had just received his new teeth recently and couldn’t stop smiling the whole hour we talked. And Gram proceeded to show me most of her photo album from the family beach trip. She would’ve done the same thing if I was there and had went to the beach with them. Once they left I talked with Mom for another hour. Luckily we don’t typically have anything on Wednesday evenings or this wouldn’t have been possible.

This morning we had English class here with only two students, Alejandra and Cesar. But they both did very well. I didn’t go to school today because the kids were all gone on a field trip. I’ll go in tomorrow though for their last day. So instead I mixed up some cookie dough for when the work team comes next week. Yes I bake a lot here, and I love it.