Jul. 13, 2016

When I Needed Encouragement: Sunday, July 3, 2016

We’ve been in Denton, Texas this weekend with the Dunbar’s kids, Duane, Charith, and Tita. These past days have been the most difficult of the entire trip. I didn’t expect that being in the States this weekend would be the hardest part of this VIA trip. But being back but not all the way back with my family proved to be a real challenge.



I was actually really looking forward to church this morning because I was finally getting church in English again. However I forgot that it’s July 4th weekend. That means that they played a patriotic song in church. It brought back memories of when I was the pianist at South Webster Baptist Church. Alice (my great aunt who is the organist there) never liked to play the patriotic songs. They are written a little differently and are therefore a little more difficult to play and Alice always got super nervous when we had to play them. So this morning when they began the music I thought of Alice and how nervous she must be and I really wished I could be there to play them with her.



God never ceases to amaze me. I have been feeling especially rough these past few days here in Texas. I have been super homesick and because of that I’ve been discouraged. But today God did something amazing. God truly has the power to change anything and everything. I am thankful for Hudson because he had the right things to say for encouragement. Also Tyler called me and that was a huge help. Especially because I was able to talk to Leo and he told me he loves me. My heart breaks to be with my niece and nephews back home. But seeing videos and pictures of them helps tremendously.

I also had another strong encouragement today. The night before I left Shelly Fitch gave me a heartfelt letter. And along with that letter she gave me a list of Scripture for a “pick me up” when I needed encouragement. And it was exactly what I needed. The Scripture that Shelly mentioned lifted my spirit and reminded me why I’m here.