Jul. 13, 2016

Talent Show: Thursday, June 30, 2016

Last night and this morning we packed up the house and moved everything around because this morning people came to fumigate the house. So Serena went to have English class at Alejandra’s house and I went to Los Pinos for the Talent Show. It was adorable. I recorded some of each act except for a couple. The first act was two girls performing a magic trick. One of the girls held crayons behind her back while the other girl selected a green crayon and showed it to the audience. The first girl then attempted to guess which crayon was selected. And of course the girl guessed the wrong crayon, twice, before she finally picked the green one. There were only five crayons in her hand so it couldn’t have went on too long.

But most of the kids did really well. My third graders crushed it and the rest of the third grade class was so supportive. They had made signs and posters to support their classmates.

Aline and I, along with another girl were “judges.” It wasn’t a contest though. When they announced my name all the kids cheered really loudly. It was awesome.

Once the fumigators were finished we left for Texas. It’s going to be a very long trip. Saltillo is only about 3 hours from Laredo, Texas, where we crossed. However, we’re going all the way to Denton, Texas, which is up by Dallas. We just stopped at a Cracker Barrel and it was phenomenal. I mean I’ve always loved Cracker Barrel. But I’ve never loved it this much before.