Jul. 13, 2016

The Past Few Days: Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I woke up this morning feeling a little, okay a lot, defeated. I’m really missing my family something awful. Last night I video called Mom and Dad. They asked me if I was ready to come home. I said no because I do want to be here. But there’s a part of me that wants to be home too. There’s a part of me that wants to be with my family. It took so much to fight back tears in that moment. I knew that if I cried in front of Mom then she would just get super sad. So I waited until we hung up and cried then. Sorry Mom because I know you’re going to read this and find out anyways.

Then this morning I’ve received messages from the Salyers kids, Natalie, and the Allen’s. Receiving their messages gave me so much happiness because I feel so loved. So very loved. But it’s also very hard because it makes me miss them even more than I did before.

Leaving home I knew the day would come when I was completely overwhelmed by the absence of my family. I am thankful that it didn’t hit me until I was already half way through the trip. I’ve never felt so torn before. I’ve never wanted to be in two places at once so badly. But I’ve also learned that it’s okay to be sad for a brief moment. It’s okay for me to cry every once in a while. But the sadness doesn’t linger and it is always chased away by something joyful and happy. But that’s probably the only downfall I’ve found to having such a tight-knit family: I miss them like crazy when I’m gone.







Monday was kind of a relaxing day after our adventurous weekend. We spent the evening playing board games and card games.



Yesterday I was back at school. The end of the school year is so close and the kids are ready for it. Keeping them focused has become an even greater challenge than before. But, they’re still just as fun. They still touch my heart with their little smiles and rapid Spanish. And they still make me smile when I’m missing my niece and nephews back home.



This evening we had a women’s study. At the end we always share praises and prayer requests. It’s so sad that individuals and families face the same struggles and heartbreak all around the world. We all face the same attacks from the devil but we can all find victory in the same God.