Jun. 27, 2016

A Life of Awkward: Saturday, June 25, 2016

This morning I woke up stiff and achy. I had woken up several times throughout the night. After not sleeping well, and on top of that the bed I slept on was as comfy as the dry desert ground, I was not feeling great. But on to get ready for the day I went. Once I turned on the hot water, and only the hot water, I realized that the water was never going to get hot. As I mentally complained about taking a cold shower, I think that the water actually got colder.

But then I realized something. Then I realized how spoiled I was. Then I realized how selfish I was. Then I realized how ungrateful I was. Then I remembered how good of a Father I have. So I stopped, asked God to forgive me for my poor attitude and for my heart being in the wrong state, and I started over.

I thanked God for giving me a bed and for Chrissy’s selflessness in sleeping on the couch so that I could have a private room. I thanked God for the roof over my head that kept me dry from the rain, and the breeze that came in my window to keep me cool. I then thanked God for the privilege of taking a shower at all. Then I went a step further and thanked Him specifically for a cold shower because it really woke me up and prepared me for the day ahead. And in that moment my whole day changed.

I didn’t want to write this in the mindset of, “Look at me. Look how humble I am.” And I don’t want anyone to read this and think that I’m self-righteous. My purpose behind sharing this was to share my heart. I wanted to share a moment of weakness. A moment of selfishness. A moment when my sinful nature attempted to sneak in and steal my joy. Yeah, I struggle too. But my joy is found in the Lord, and nothing can take that away from me.

You see sometimes I need little reminders like these to remind me how amazing my God truly is. He can change a heart if we are willing to let Him. No matter who we are or where we’re at, God is there. His presence and His beauty is in all things. He can take any situation and use it to glorify Him as long as we are willing vessels. I thank God for using me and I pray that, as Christians, we are ALWAYS willing.




Chrissy took Serena and I shopping since we are in the textile capital of Mexico. It was great. I’ve never seen so much clothes in such little space before today. I actually found two dresses, a skirt, and of course a hat, all for much much much cheaper than I could ever find in the U.S. so of course I was pumped. However there was a super awkward moment in this one store. I liked this dress and we asked if I could try it on and the woman told me to follow her. Well she was going way in the back and up a flight of stairs and it looked sketchy so I made Serena come with me. But when we got to the changing room, which was actually the bathroom, the woman made us all go in. Then she proceeded to dress and undress me like I was a mannequin. SO UNCOMFORTABLE. There was nothing I could do to get out of that awkward situation. And Serena was just an uncomfortable as I was. Plus I didn’t even buy the dress so it was all for nothing. Oh the things that happen in Mexico.

We went back to Chrissy’s for lunch and afterwards we went exploring. We saw some beautiful rock formations and mountains like I’d never seen before. Also there were herds of Holstein Dairy Cows. We bought some fresh cheese and it was the best cheese I’ve ever had.

When we got back we had quite the adventure attempting to catch a mouse in Chrissy’s house. It was actually an adventure that lasted all weekend. And is continuous because we still hadn’t caught the mouse by the time we had to leave. So prayers for Chrissy and her battle with the mouse.