Jun. 27, 2016

Villa Hidalgo: Friday, June 24, 2016

Yesterday morning we had English class where we had six students! Our class doubled. Plus, one of the students taught Serena and I a new word: sward. At first we told him that it wasn’t a word. But we were wrong. It refers to an expanse of short grass, or the upper layer of soil, especially when covered with grass. It originated somewhere between Old and Middle English and was used most widely around 1850. Who would have thought that I would come to Mexico and learn English?

We are almost to the end of the school year here. The days are passing by so quickly. Each day the kids talk to me more and more. Each day they have a little bit more confidence to use English. And each day I enjoy these kids a little bit more. And I want to leave a little bit less.

After school, Serena, Aline (mother), and I went to a little café called “Alebrije Café Y Te.” The food was phenomenal so I’m hoping to go back there again. Plus I really enjoyed just spending time with Serena and Aline. We then went to a shop that was three stories of a little bit of everything. The contents of that store ranged from giant elephant statues, to hats, to teacups, and everything in between.

Later yesterday evening, I went to see “Me Before You” with Aline (daughter). Since she speaks English we saw it in English with Spanish subtitles. We went to a VIP cinema where we sat in recliner chairs and ordered a meal that was served to us during the movie. That is the proper way to watch a movie and now you can’t tell me otherwise. I really enjoy spending time with Aline because it’s so great to have someone my age to spend time with and to talk to. I really took advantage of that being at Asbury with all the people my age speaking English. But I will most definitely appreciate it this year.



This morning we left super early for Villa Hidalgo to visit another WGM missionary, Chrissy Greenwell. I took Dramamine so I slept the entire six hours here. But once that wore off I’ve been alright (I was pretty out of it for a while, but it was either that or be car sick). It’s really nice to visit another missionary and see what else God is doing in Mexico through the WGM ministry.