Jun. 27, 2016

The Day Somebody Whistled: Wednesday, June 22, 2016

So today I decided to record a video of my walk to school for people back home to see. And of course today of all days for the first time all summer, someone whistled at me and I laughed and got all awkward in my video. So I sincerely apologize to anyone that watches it.

The kids today wanted to be my new hair dressers. It was pure torture. They think it’s totally okay to run their fingers through curly hair. Not okay. So much pain. But they had a great time so I let them do it. They rolled up my hair on the sides of my head and told me I was Princess Leia. I’m also certain that they had it in a knot at one point. But I lived to tell about it.

This evening I went out with Aline (daughter). We went to buy movie tickets for “Me Before You” because it comes out tomorrow. We then went to Dairy Queen. Yes Dairy Queen. And the blizzards were much larger than those in the States and costs 50 Pesos, which is about $2.78. Much cheaper here, so that was awesome. Aline and I then went to Las Alitas, which reminded me of a Roosters. There was even a dancing chicken running around at one point. So yes, tonight was a lot of fun.