Jun. 18, 2016

It's Like Talking to Ryan: Friday, June 17, 2016

I wish I had as much energy as these third graders do. First thing today they practiced for the talent show and voted on who would go on to the final talent show in front of the whole school. They are so cute it’s hilarious. It also brought back memories of my own Third Grade Lip Sync Contest, which I won by the way performing a Martina McBride classic. Now they’re all just running around like mad for no reason other than that it’s Friday.


This evening we had the weekly prayer meeting. Prior to the meeting I Google translated my praises and prayer requests so that I could say them on my own without asking Serena to translate. I need to expand my vocabulary so I don’t say the same thing at every meeting. I did have her check them though because Google translate is not always accurate.

There are always many challenges to group settings here. For starters I never get the jokes. Never. Tonight someone said something funny and Rosy turned to me, made a comment, and laughed really hard. So I just had to pretend that I knew what everyone was saying and laugh anyways. It’s like when I’m home and talking to Ryan. I never know what he’s saying so I just laugh anyways. Always a fun time.