Jun. 17, 2016

A Window of Opportunity: Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I began my school day by checking the grammar for the graduation speech of the secondary students. Today was the last day of secondary school for the ninth graders and they will be beginning preparatory school in the fall. Thankfully I have a few more precious weeks with the primary students.

We began class with the third grade by watching some of the students practice for the talent show in a few weeks. I made sure to take a video because I was laughing so hard at these kids singing and dancing to a Justin Bieber song. I probably say this every day, but I can’t say enough how much these kids have touched my heart.

Today God gave me an opportunity. One of the 3rd graders asked me why I was here. This was my chance. I told her about WGM and how I am here on a mission trip and what that meant. I explained how God provided the money for me to come here in order to work for Him. I pray that she understood and that God gives me more opportunities like this one.

At school I feel like I’m a popular kid that everyone wants to be friends with, which is weird because that wasn’t the case when I was actually in school. But everywhere I go in the school I hear, “Teacher Brianna! Teacher Brianna!” shouted from all directions. When I turn to look there are always kids rushing towards me with arms outstretched for a hug. I have never been given so much attention in my life. As I left today I was stopped four times for hugs and kids were shouting at me and waving out the windows.

I can teach these kids English and they can teach me Spanish, and that’s what’s been happening. But I pray there’s more going on. The best thing I can do is love these kids. The best thing I can do is spread the love of Jesus Christ on to these kids. I pray that that’s why they’re so attached to me, because they can see and feel the love of Christ through me.