Jun. 15, 2016

The Day I was Given A Rock: Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Currently sitting in the third grade classroom correcting them as they read. They all have excellent English skills, but they all make the same mistakes such as putting the emphasis on the wrong syllable of a word.

I began my school day with second grade where one little girl, Leslie, gave me a rock. Not sure why. Not sure where it came from. Not sure what she was saying as she gave it to me. However, it was clear that her intent was for me to keep it. Today more of the second graders were able to have conversations with me. The little boy from the other day who couldn’t understand what I was saying came up to me and gave me a hug and asked, “Can you…uhh can…uhm..what time is it?” From not understanding me at all the other day this is a huge improvement.

 After lunch I came to third grade. They are getting super attached to me and I them. One boy, Fernando, was trying to tell us about the book he’s been reading. He was really excited and his mind was working faster than his mouth. The way he was struggling for words was exactly like Lucas and Ryan when they want to say something but just can’t get it out. I had a brief moment of sadness because they are growing up so quickly while I’m gone! One little girl, Catalina, has taken a liking to me since day one. Today she gave me a handmade card that read, “I love you Teacher Brianna.” It was precious.




While sitting at the women’s Bible study tonight, looking around at all these women and watching them interact with one another, I realized that they are just like my sisters, my mom, my aunts, and my grandmas. They are all women of God one in the same. And they are all always just as happy to see me.



Prayer for Mexico: The state of Coahuila allows same sex marriages (only state that allows it in Mexico). There is talk of legalizing it nationally and punishing pastors who will not marry same-sex couples. There is also talk of making open-air Evangelism illegal. Please be in prayer for these things and that the people of Mexico will turn to God for guidance on all matters.