Jun. 14, 2016

Monday, June 6, 2016

The message in church yesterday was based on the reality that Jesus is returning soon. Are we ready? Are we working for God right now? Our priorities need to be set on what God wants and not allow our own selfish desires to get in the way. As the church we should be meeting the needs of people, not just their spiritual needs.

After church we had a lunch straight from home. For the first time in my life I grilled all by myself. As I made the hamburger patties I couldn’t help but laugh because though I’d seen Mom do it hundreds of times, I’d never actually done it myself. I’ve experienced so many firsts here it’s ridiculous. So I grilled hamburgers, potatoes, and onions for Mark, Serena, and I. To my surprise everything turned out really well. It was really comforting to have food from home again.

Today I was back at school. I was first with second grade. But I wasn’t with them long before we all went to attend their flag ceremony. They all sang the Mexican National Anthem while a group of students marched around with the Mexican Flag. The administrators then passed out different awards to each class for things such as academic success and uniform neatness.

After lunch I was with third grade for a while, then fourth, then preschool. When I went to preschool I spent the first twenty minutes with kids attached to me. They were hugging me, touching my dress, petting my hair, and calling be bonita. They are so precious it’s ridiculous. I think I love the preschoolers so much because they are closest to the ages of my nieces and nephews. Seeing them is definitely the highlight of my school day. These little kids bring me so much joy and they have no idea.