Jun. 5, 2016

Thursday, June 2, 2016

This morning I didn't go to school until 11:00 because Serena was having an English class here. Today there were only two students, a brother and sister. I really enjoy seeing people here trying to learn English. I feel like we're in the same boat since I'm struggling to learn Spanish.

Once I got to school the madness began. Those preschoolers attacked me. The instant I walked into the room there were six of them attached to me like leeches. But, they're cute leeches.

Believe it or not I had never actually made a paper airplane before today either. These kids kept asking me to make them paper airplanes. The pathetic little planes would barely make it out of their hands before they plumeted to the ground. At least the kids didn't seem to care. One of them did care a little bit though when I hit him in the face with one of the planes. I felt awful but I also had to suppress an outburst of obnoxious laughter, only to escape later when I was recounting the incident to someone. But that tough little kid didn't cry. He just looked at me really puzzled as if he were saying, "Why would you do that?" 

Today was also the first day that one of the preschoolers spoke to me in English (more than just a couple words). Sophia wanted me to draw a picture with her. The poor girl highly overestimated my artistic ability. But we drew together anyways as she asked me how to say different things in English and tried to teach me Spanish.

This evening Serena and I went to one of the Women's Bible Studies. Throughout the study each woman takes a turn reading a paragraph at a time. Last time they politely skipped over me, but this time Serena asked if I wanted to read. So I took my turn and read. The ladies were impressed that I could read so well. And we all had a good laugh when I told them that I didn't know what any of the words meant. Oh well. Baby steps.