Jun. 2, 2016

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mexican church again this morning! Their services are much longer here than they are at home. Again, I understood nothing. But like I have said before, I don’t have to understand their speech to understand the work of God in their lives. It is helpful that Serena translates as much as she can during the service. She passed me the following notes during the service: “He’s sharing that his son went with him yesterday to La Presa (the anniversary service) and it was a blessing. He is praying that his son will come to God.

The title of his sermon was “How to reflect sanctification: Humility.” Many churches aren’t acting humbly in God’s presence, but rather they are worshipping in a secular way. What does it matter if we say we are Christians but don’t act like it? When people have to question whether we are Christians there is something wrong. Sanctification includes humility and prayer. People should see us differently. It isn’t that we should live a solitary life but rather a life humbly while living with others. Humility has nothing to do with the amount of money one has but rather how you act around others. At times at work people ask what religion I am and whether it is a sect. I say no it is a style of living. Romans 12 says we need to do everything in unity. We should not pay back evil with evil, but rather love them. It doesn’t do any good to know God if we don’t obey or serve Him. We need to serve others, Colossians 2:13. There are lots of verses in the Bible that talk about humility. Christ was the ultimate example of this.

Of all the things we have studied in PETE (the Theological Education classes) the thing that has impacted me the most is the example of Mark and Serena’s humility and desire to serve. Matthew 25: 35-46. What good does it do me to be a great preacher but I don’t serve? What good does it do to have people falling in a service if we don’t feed those who are hungry?

Isaiah 58:7. We need to have humble hearts and serve others. Many people in other churches are only worried about serving themselves instead of serving others.”

The most encouraging part of his message to me was how he said Mark and Serena have been so encouraging to him just by simply being Christ-like. It really hit me that even though I don’t speak the language or know the culture, I can have a positive impact on these people by giving them the love of Christ.