Jun. 2, 2016

Saturday, May 28, 2016

This morning we took the Oregon group back to the airport. I was really sad to see them go. Now I have six less people to speak English with. But more seriously they have been a huge blessing to have here this week. If any of you are reading this I cannot emphasize enough how thankful Mark, Serena, and I are for you all. It was so wonderful to have the house full of people, even if it was under construction. Each and every one of you brought something unique to this week and each of you were a blessing. God provided another connection with this team from Oregon because Jonathan Powers served alongside Sheila and her family in Uganda when he did a VIA. It’s crazy how God works and brings us all together!

Leaving the airport without the team was weird. I’ve never experienced this side of a work team before. But now I see what Mark and Serena have experienced countless times before. That’s one of the perks of staying the whole summer. I get to experience every aspect of missionary life. I get to live “behind the scenes” if you will. And honestly, I am loving it so far.

Tonight we had a church anniversary service to attend. They were celebrating the church’s 26th year anniversary. It’s the church where Felipe used to pastor. This church wasn’t in the city, but out on one of the ranchos which are small farming villages or communities. It was the rancho where Anna, Felipe’s wife, is from. I didn’t really understand the service, but just because I don’t know the language it doesn’t prevent me from feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit among those people. Their desire for God is truly something beautiful. One of the hymns they sang tonight was “Revive Us Again” and I was so excited when I recognized it so of course I sang along in English.

After the service was a time of eating and practicing my Spanish. I have to ask them to speak slowly and still rely on Serena for the occasional, or very frequent, translation. But I do know more than when I got here so there has been progress! I’m so thankful that so many people here make the effort to talk with me and are very patient when I don’t understand. One conversation at a time!