Jun. 2, 2016

Friday, May 27, 2016

Well after a long week of working, today was our day of adventure and exploration. Not that painting arched ceilings wasn’t an adventure in itself.

First we took the team by two of the churches that Mark and Serena have worked with here. The first church we went to was the first church established with the help of WGM here in Saltillo, Mision Evangelica.  I had been to the Pastor’s (Felipe) house next door but I had never been inside the church before today. When we walked in I was immediately beyond excited, because I had finally seen a real piano for the first time since I left headquarters in Indiana.

After taking a bunch of pictures I finally asked Felipe if I could play the piano and obviously he said yes or this would have been a much shorter story. I didn’t realize how much I actually missed playing a real piano until I sat down and began to play this one. The once pristine ivory keys were fading to brown and some of them were even missing chunks. It was way out of tune but it sounded beautiful. Then everyone clapped and I was super embarrassed because I thought they had left the sanctuary.

When we left the church we took Nahum, Felipe’s oldest son (12), with us to go shopping and to the museum. He doesn’t know English, and we don’t know Spanish, so I’m sure he thought today was interesting.

First we went to the town square of Saltillo to the market. Some of it was outdoors but most of it was a bunch of different people set up with lots of stuff in little spaces inside one huge building. It was so neat to see all the products unique to the Mexican culture. Most everything was adorned with bright colors. Many of the items were also handmade which was awesome. From traditional Mexican clothing, to jewelry, to knick-knacks, to toys, to spices, to candy; they had it all. Everything seemed super expensive but that’s just because the peso to dollar exchange rate is so high.

Since today was my first shopping day I was able to buy some gifts for people back home. Luckily I have plenty of time to figure out how to pack them all for the plane. Exploring Saltillo was extremely fun, but also extremely hot. However, the restaurant we went to for lunch did have AC.

Following lunch we went to the Museum in Saltillo. The city of Saltillo is located in the state of Coahuila. The state of Coahuila is known for dinosaurs because many many dinosaur bones have been found here and there are dinosaur tracks still in the desert here. They even have dinosaurs on their license plates. I thought it was funny until I remembered that Ohio has farms on our license plates.

On our way to the museum we went to where Saltillo was first founded. It was founded directly on top of a natural spring: an oasis in the desert. We couldn’t see the spring though because there is a church built directly on top of it. This area was actually once occupied by U.S. Troops. There is a picture of a plaque that explains more detail. But whoever made the plaque used Google translate so it’s rough.

Anyways, the museum began with the dinosaurs and ended at modern times. It featured many dinosaur bones that were found right here in Coahuila. It was interesting to see all sorts of different animals and how technology has progressed. It was sad to see how heavily the museum relied on evolution and the big bang theory.

By the end of the day we were all exhausted. So much shopping. So many pictures. So much hot. But it was definitely an amazing day full of adventures!