May. 26, 2016

Sunday, May 22, 2016

This morning we went to Sunday school where Mark taught the lesson, in Spanish obviously. But we had to leave before the church service in order to pick up the work team from the airport. So in the van they told me what the Sunday School lesson was about and we were able to discuss it. (It was about what the church, as the body of Christ should be doing and why it’s not doing it.)

So I have been really looking forward to this work team coming because that means more people to speak English with! There are six people all from Oregon: Troy, Jeremy, Tyler, Nolan, Joelle, and Sheila. They are all super nice and eager to start working! I was really excited to tell them about mine and Serena’s latest project. We put together guest-book journals for each room that will each be decorated according to its room. On the inside of the journals I wrote up a small paragraph explaining how God provided this house and how He is doing incredible things through each person He brings through here. So the journals are a place for everyone to share what God is doing with them. I thought these journals would be a way to connect all the people that pass through here and to encourage one another.

Today was actually a really important day for me. I really feel like I fit in with Mark and Serena and I really feel like part of their family. We have inside jokes now (I feel slightly like Michael Scott saying he wants to be a part of an inside joke) and I was able to laugh with them today. And I mean my real, obnoxious laugh. Not the cute fake one that we all do around strangers.