May. 20, 2016

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Spelling Bee day 3! Today Mark was a judge along with Serena and me. In between rounds the teacher had her class of 3rd grade sing a couple songs in English and it was adorable.

The past two days all the teachers and administrators were wearing white shirts, but today they were all wearing pink because they know that “On Wednesdays we wear pink.” Thankfully though none of them were Mean Girls. They have all been extremely kind.


Last night I had asked Serena about a piano because they do not have one and I have missed playing so much! Apparently no one else has a piano either. Even at church they used a keyboard. But she said they might know someone who has a keyboard. So at school this morning Mark asked Aline Vargas (a teacher at the bilingual school and a fellow judge of the spelling bee) if she knew where I could get a keyboard to use. In that moment God answered a prayer for us both. Aline said that she has a keyboard and her husband had just told her to get rid of it because nobody there could play it and they did not have room for it. Praise God for providing a solution for us both! Once I cleaned up the keyboard and Mark set it up in my room it works great! All except this one key of D right in the middle. But I am still so thankful to have this keyboard to play for the next two and a half months!


This afternoon we went to Lowe’s where I was able to practice my Spanish by reading all the signs. Then Serena and I did some more baking. We baked Scotchies, like my sister Tiffany makes, and I baked my chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake for out women’s Bible study tomorrow evening. We’ve done a lot of baking.