May. 20, 2016

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Serena and I judged the spelling bee again today. It was 5th and 6th grades. As we entered the final rounds today I noticed that a couple of the students that did not make it to the finals were crying. You may laugh and ask why someone would cry over a spelling bee, but for these kids it is so much more. These kids attend a private bilingual school and have the opportunity to learn English. They see it as a privilege because not every kid their age is in school, let alone learning a foreign language. So for these kids the spelling bee is a test of their progress. It’s a test of their skill, practice, and hard work. To see these kids visibly emotional about the spelling bee really touched my heart. Their emotions really demonstrated the fact that they care about their education. They know that many opportunities rely on their ability to speak more than one language. I just want to do anything I can to help them learn.


An adventure for the Dunbar’s and I today was shopping at Costco and HEB for supplies for the work team coming in from Oregon next week. While we were out and about I noticed that many people here stare at me. I first noticed it when I boarded the flight to Monterrey and it continues now. But what can I expect being pale and blonde and visibly incomprehensive of any Spanish whatsoever. I am praying that with all these people watching me, that someone would be able to see Jesus in me, and realize that I am not only different because of my skin, hair, and speech, but also because Christ is the Lord of my life and I live each day for Him.


Later Serena and I went to a ladies meeting where we ended up going to a restaurant for tea and dessert. Side note: On the way there we passed a John Deere factory. Anyways none of the women spoke English. But they were all very warm and kind to me and kissed my cheek anyways. I was able to have a simple conversation with one woman. I just hope we were talking about the same things.


Only a few days in and I have already been given so much acceptance and love from the Mexican people. God has certainly put truly amazing people in my life.