May. 12, 2016

2 Days 'till Departure!

Between my last final at Asbury and leaving for my VIA Orientation at WGM headquarters in Indiana I only had five days. Five days at home. In those five days at home I had to unpack from school, repack for Mexico, spend time with all my family and friends, and trust God to provide the rest of the necessary funds. Honestly I was dreading those five days. I thought I would be stressed and nervous and sad and so many other emotions. But God provided above and beyond what I could have anticipated. 

In those five days God not only provided the rest of the necessary funds for the trip, but He provided above and beyond! I cannot thank God enough for His provision. I also cannot thank the churches and individual people in my life enough for their willingness to give and to take part in this ministry opportunity with me. 

In those five days I was able to spend precious time with family and friends. It honestly felt like time stood still while we shared so many laughs and so many tears. From forced hugs from my niece and nephews, to playing the piano and singing in church, to bonfires, to laughing until I cried on numerous occasions, to cheering for no real reason, and trying and failing to take a decent picture; I treasure every single moment. We were able to squeeze an entire summer's worth of fun into five days because God provided the time. 

I have never before in my life felt such an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and of love and of support as I did in those five days. There are almost no words to describe how I felt as an entire congregation gathered to pray over me and this ministry opportunity. As we prayed and I could hear bits and pieces of different people's prayers I was so overwhelmed. In that moment the only thing I could do was thank God. God has truly blessed me so much and each person in that congregation brought with them more love and support. I am so thankful for you all and am so grateful that you are continuing to pray for me throughout this journey. I thank God for each tear, each hug, and each one of you! 

Thank you all so much for being a part of my life and for being a part of this ministry to Saltillo, Mexico! I thank God for this phenomenal support system that He has given me! I am excited to see how God will continue to provide throughout the rest of this journey!